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Abba Tesfamariam Baraki

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Exposing the Greatest Evil:

Defend the Rights of Unborn Babies in Ethiopia!

U.S. Foreign Assistance for Women and Girls' Reproductive Health in Ethiopia (video):

Ipas preaches to the peoples of the Third World Countries, saying: "Safe Abortion saves women's lives" while totally ignoring and disregarding the fundamental principle and ordinanance of God's commandment that says, "THOU SHALL NOT KILL" (Exodus 20:13)... Can Ipas guarantee or warrant us that there is NO any divine punishment to the consequence for the evil act of Abortion committed against the innocent, voiceless, and defenseless unborn babies in the wombs? Or Ipas is just misguiding the innocent believers, such as Ethiopians who always cherished their traditional religious and moral values regarding the dignity and sacredness of all human lives (born and unborn alike) that are created in the image and likesness of God through the act of sexual union of male and female/man and woman? Or Ipas' disciples and others like them are trying to persuade us by imposing upon us their secular standandards and opinions and philosophies that undermine or reject the Supreme Divine Laws of the Creator? Because according to the secularists' position or view, there is NO God who is Creator and Sustainer of all lives...besides humans like them who seem to claim possessing a kind of divine authority that enables them to manipulate women in the name of "Safe Abortion" and "Reproductive Health" without any hesitation to  destroy and terminate carelessly and irresponsibly the already conceived human lives... Do they have any human conscience to perform abortions on preborn lives without any ethical consideration or moral concern for the natural inalienable rights to life of those conceived human beings that are alreadey in the process of development (the nature's way or the Creator's way) until their natural birth and live natural life here on earth until their natural death like the rest of all other human beings living on this planet earth? 

Ipas and other similar pro-choice organizations - instead of engaging in such morally controversial abortifacient birthcontrol issues among the less educated and poorer peoples of the Third World countries, like Ethiopia and many other African, Asian, South American countries, etc.,  and spreading abortion as an optional birth control method - why do they fail to promote  those traditionally accepted values, such as the virtues of abstinence and chastity before marriage, during, and after marriage? What is wrong doing that?

Again, why Ipas and those secular organizations shy away from preaching and promoting those less controversial traditional values instead of becoming militant just to spread their secular values by brain washing mostly the poorer and most vulnerable women around the world, especially in the poverty stricken nations of the the Third World...?

A Pro life Defense of the Unborn

Abortion’s Devastating Impact on Women

"Does Abortion Affect Women?" Panel Discussion:

Abortion Hurts Women's Health Panel:

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Life After Abortion

Former Abortionists

Stop Culture of Death in Ethiopia!  

Will Not The Contrversial Depopulation Agenda Of The NWO, Which Is Being Imported By The Eugenic Movement And Implemented In Ethiopia And The Rest Of Africa, Affect Negatively The Country And The Continent? Ethiopians And All Other Africans Have Full Right To Be Informed! You Must Watch The Following Very Revealing And Controversial Video Documentary Made In The United States:

"Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hands unto God" (Psalm 68:31). Ethiopia should never stretch her hands to Eugenicists who are trying depopulate the black Africa in the name of family planning or reproductive women's health... Ethiopia should always remain faithful to her God and stick to her traditional values of respecting the sanctity of all human lives - unborn and born alike! 

Ethiopia Must Save And Protect All Children Born and Unborn ... And Stop Destroying Preborn Babies In The Name Of Reproductive/Maternal Health And Family Planning! Both The Mother and Her Unborn Child Are Human Lives That Deserve Equal Protection And Care!

Leaving Planned Parenthood:

These Sample  Video Clips Show How Planned Parenthood Organization Spreads Abortion in Ethiopia And The Rest Of Africa Under The Guise Of "Reproductive Health" And "Safe Abortion":

Listen to the following educational videos and learn from those converted former abortionist medical doctors about the truth and tragedies of abortion: A great lesson to Ethiopian doctors interested in being enlightened and converted like them!

African Antiabortion Coalition


Abortion Debate in America:

Watch the Following Video and Make Your Mind on Abortion!

About Us

We are volunteers of Ethiopian descent based in the United States of America campaigning on-line to reach out to the people of Ethiopia on the pro-life issues with the goal of helping protect the unborn children from the evil of abortion that is rapidly growing in the country. Our main aim is to reach as many Ethiopians as possible by raising awareness on the sanctity of the unborn human life among all segments of the Ethiopian population: professionals, intellectuals, medical community, governmental sectors, religious denominations, politicians, college and university students, women and men of mature age (married and unmarried) interested in and willing to commit themselves to the cause of protecting and defending the unborn human lives in all stages of conception, while securing their mothers' health as well. Because we believe that both the unborn baby in the womb and the mother are equally human lives that need equal medical care - without killing one to save the other but to save both the mother and her child.

We are dedicated to providing with many informative materials mostly in videos as well as in written texts (collected from other sources) for the educational purpose and needs for our people who would be interested in learning on-line about the sanctity and full dignity of any human life from its very conception to its natural birth and natural death and the tragic facts of abortion or termination of pregnancies in the name of reproductive/women's health and family planning (in order to reduce overpopulation and poverty problems) in Ethiopia.

We believe that abortion is wrong and never ever should be used as one of artificial or alternative contraceptive methods; because we believe that abortion is a direct killing of human life that is already began to develop at its very inception or fertilization that has taken place after the sexual intercourse of a man and woman the way the Creator of all lives designed and planned it! Any direct human interference with any abortifacient pills or other chemicals and/or abortion tools to stop or terminate the natural course of pregnancy is considered a direct killing act of that fertilized or conceived human being, no matter at what stage of development;because it's depriving it the rights to be born and live like any other human beings! In other words, abortion or killing of preborn children is an act of violence or genocide against humanity.

We believe that God creates all human beings - using a sexual union of a man and woman - so that they can live and enjoy material life here on earth until their natural death; and all human beings created in the image and likeness of God are absolutely sacred with full dignity that must be respected and protected by all means from their very conception. Especially, killing those most innocent, defenseless, and voiceless preborn babies in the wombs or in the process of birth is one of the most heinous injustice and grave sin committed against God's Commandment, which says, "You shall not kill" (Exodus 20:13)! We believe that all living human beings existing now were conceived at one point in their mothers' wombs and were given a chance to be born without being aborted by any human interference. As all living humans appreciate their own existence on this earth, then no one should prevent other human beings conceived from being born with full rights to live and privileges to enjoy material life like the one all of us like enjoying.

We strongly believe that all doctors should be healers of lives and not killers! If a doctor is engaged in killing business in the case of abortion, he or she is definitely going against his or her profession of healing and violating his/her oath not to harm but to heal human beings... and because of that he/she cannot be trusted as healer but rather as killer since his/her medical profession is tainted with the abomination of abortion, which is a killing act!

We believe that all religious leaders of all faith denominations in Ethiopia should stand up for the protection of the unborn human life and strongly condemn the social and moral evil of abortion that is spreading in the country like a virus in the name of family planning and women's reproductive health supported and funded by foreign agencies and organizations against the traditionally God-fearing peoples' culture and values of Ethiopia! It's the religious leaders' responsibility and mandate to teach their followers about the immorality and injustice of abortion that violates God's commandment and diabolical acts against innocent human lives conceived in their mothers' wombs without their faults and then victimized and destroyed by the ruthless unethical medical/healthcare practitioners!

We believe that the Government of Ethiopia has the obligation of protecting and safeguarding all the unborn babies in all their stages of conceived life in the womb with humanitarian laws and rejecting the foreign countries' influences and pressures to legalize and liberalize abortion in a historically religious and conservative culture and peoples. It's absolutely irresponsible for the Government, no matter how secular and how indefferent to the moral and religious values of the peoples it might be, to allow by inviting foreign pro-abortion organizations to operate in the country by training and brainwashing Ethiopians to accept abortion as an optional contraceptive method in the spirit of eugenicist family planning agendas, and to destroy tens and tens of thousand of preborn babies every year! We ecourage and plead with the Government of Ethiopia to reverse its laws of legalization and liberalization of abortion and protect the unborn children like all born human beings! has been launched in December of 2013 by a concerned clergyman and native of Ethiopia who has been serving as a chaplain at a university hospital in Washington, DC, USA.

This website is meant for mature population and not for underage children. All underage children SHOULD NOT ACCESS THIS WEB SITE!

Please watch the above short educational video to learn how some courageous people defend the unborn babies with intelligence, not with blind emotions! This video is posted in support of our argument on the degnity and sanctity of human life and educational tool for Ethiopians to wake up and get informed on this vital issue of human life.